HMI Teaching

The HMI group offers a MSc program in Interaction Technology, contributes to the EIT-HCID program, and teaches several courses for the Computer Science (Technische Informatica) bachelor and the Creative Technology bachelor.

The HMI group also provides I-Tech projects, capita selecta assignments, internship locations and final assignments. The HMI group maintains contact with over 100 leading organizations that provide these assignments on the various topics from HMI. Graduated HMI students have excellent career opportunities in both commercial and research organizations.

MSc INTERACTION technology

The central subject of the MSc Interaction Technology is the communication between humans and digital technology: desktop computers, virtual reality, ambient environments, and etcetera. The Masters is concerned with a combination of perspectives both from a technological and human-centered point of view.



How can you use cutting-edge technology or new media to create interactive applications that will contribute to users’ health, convenience and enjoyment? Throughout this English-taught programme you will learn to creatively combine computer science and electrical engineering technology in order to create new solutions with real impact on people.


EIT-digital: msc Human Computer interaction and Design

EIT Digital offers international Master’s programmes on ICT Innovation, combining and integrating technical majors with a fully standardized minor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As a student in the EIT Digital Master School, you will not only gain fundamental knowledge and skills on a technical topic, but you will also learn how to drive your innovative ideas to the market. The EIT master programme the HMI group contributes to is HCID, Human Computer Interaction and Design. You can either follow your entry year or your exit year of the EIT-HCID programme in Twente.


Student assignments

The HMI group offers a large number of assignments for thesis projects, research topics, capita selecta, and internships. Some of these assignments are carried out internally at the HMI group; other assignments can be carried out at a company or external organisation. Follow the link below to find an overview of interesting places that we send students to.