Child-Robot Media Interaction

Child-Robot Media Interaction 

When we search online for information, we increasingly stumble upon ‘conversational social agents’ that try to help us with our information needs, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or even embodied agents smiling at us from the screen and robots addressing us in the physical world.  Children as well are exposed to these agents but we know very little about how children should preferably be addressed in such conversational transfer of information scenarios, nor how children, consciously or unconsciously, meet with the conversational type of interaction they get seamlessly pulled into. 

The Child-Robot Media Interaction project (“Kinderen in Gesprek met Media” in Dutch) funded by SIDN fund and CLICKNL investigates how we should design child-robot interaction in a responsible way: not only chatty and informative in a way that children like and understand, but also responsible by design by incorporating principles of privacy and trust, and enclosing media and computer (AI) literacy, or especially the lack thereof. The project is a collaboration of University of Twente, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and Wizenoze.  

Contact information
Dr. Roeland Ordelman
+31 6 5119 9805

Dr. Khiet Truong
+31 (0)53 489 3683

Investigating appropriateness of conversational child-robot media interaction in terms of suitability (matching with the perception of children) and responsibility (matching with principles of privacy, trust, media literacy and computer literacy). 

2019 -  2023 (4 years)