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Early career symposium

Submission deadline: 15 March 2024 29 March 2024 17 April 2024
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The Early Career Symposium offers a platform for students and early career researchers to present their work and gain insights from experienced researchers. This symposium enables participants to discuss their research directions, ideas, methods, and (possibly) results. It also provides an opportunity for guidance on various aspects of the participants’ professional and academic life, and facilitates networking within the formal ontology and information systems’ research community.

The symposium covers the same topics of interest as the main conference and is primarily directed at Ph.D. students. However, it is also open to M.Sc. and Eng.D. students, as well as recent Ph.D. graduates.


The ECS will be held on-site during the FOIS conference and will include:

The ECS offers a unique opportunity for the next generation of FOIS researchers to network and advance their careers. Additionally, we plan to organize an optional, informal dinner for ECS participants and students during the conference. Details regarding participation will be provided during the registration process.

Important dates

Submission instructions

To participate in the ECS, candidates need to submit a summary of their research project, limited to5 pages, with at most 3 content pages and 2 reference pages. These summaries will be published as poster papers in the CEUR-WS FOIS proceedings. Submissions must adhere to the 1-column CEURART style, with templates available in both LaTeX and DOCX formats.

Candidates must also submit an updated version of their curriculum vitae.

To submit, please use EasyChair: sign in, select “make a new submission”, and then choose the “Early Career Symposium” track.