Study Unit-Related Requests

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Exemption for (part of a) Module

If a student has already (provably) achieved all the learning goals of (part of) a particular study unit (hereafter called the original study unit), for instance in the course of a previously started (and possibly finished) programme at the same or another institution, then (s)he may request an exemption. A student may also request an exemption for a practical exercise in case of moral dilemma. If the request is granted, this means that the student is deemed to have passed the unit, which will consequently be marked as such in the SIS.

Instead of granting an exemption, the examination board may decide that the student has followed a deviating programme in which the unit for which the exemption is requested is actually replaced by the original unit or that the student should instead do an extra replacement unit – in particular if the original study unit is part of a programme that has already been awarded with a degree.

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Some courses (for instance, internships and the final projects of a study programme) have prior knowledge requirements, which may involve specific other courses that have to be passed first, or (in the case of a final project) a number of credits that has to be accrued. A student may request dispensation of these rules.

Dispensation for Entrance Requirements

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This category of requests applies to all elements of a test schedule. Such requests are granted only under exceptional circumstances. Deviations from the test schedule belonging under this category of requests are:

Deviation from Test Schedule

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A partial result in this type of request is a result that has been registered in Osiris but is not the final grade for a study unit. The validity of such a result is determined by the EER (programme-specific part); a student may request to extend its validity.

Extension of Validity Partial Result (for a Module)

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