How to write an effective request

Web application form

The Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) allows the Examination Board to authorise deviations from the Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of this university in specific circumstances. Students may requests such a deviation by mean of a well-supported request. Requests can be send by mean of filling out our web form


The committees meet generally once a month. A request to a committee must be in at the registrar one week before the meeting of the sub-committee. You will find the meeting dates of the sub-committees in the meeting schedule.


In this box you should indicate in a few sentences what the purpose of your request is.

“I am writing to request an extra re-sit for the test “Calculus 2” of the module Software Systems (2019123456)”


While the appearance of your motivation is important, the content and tone will determine whether the request really does its job.  Review any relevant regulations (OER, Rules and Guidelines) and pay particular attention to what the decision maker needs to know to consider an appeal or request. That is the information which should be included in your motivation. Please note that if you give permission to the study adviser to confirm your personal circumstances, you only need to indicate the period of your personal circumstances. 

"During the last month before the exam week I have experiences personal circumstances that have negatively influenced my study progress, as can be confirmed by my study adviser."


Include factual detail but avoid dramatizing the situation.

“In the past exam week I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. I was sick for over a week, and missed most of my tests.”


If an appeal or request depends on particular facts which the decision maker will want to verify, be specific.

“I missed a test on January 23, because I flew to Bucharest on January 19 for my grandfather’s funeral and returned on January 26.  I enclose the airline receipt and can provide further corroboration if that would be helpful.”


Include any documentation needed to substantiate your claims. This may include a study plan

“I have uploaded the medical statement form filled out by my general practitioner.”

Below an example of a request is given.


What would you like to request? (Max 300 characters)

An extra re-sit for the test “Linear Algebra” (202001205) of the module Network Systems (202001025). 

 Motivation to your request: (Max 1500 characters)

I missed both the regular exam opportunity and the resit of the test, because I was hospitalised after an accident with my bike 31 March. I was diagnosed with a broken leg and a consussion. Due to the latter I was not able to study or to make an exam for 3 weeks. My study adviser can confirm these circumstances. I also have regular contact with her about my situation. Í have added a study planning to this request to indicate the effects on my studies if my request is approved, and when it is not approved. 

Being able to have an extra re-sit for the failed module component may mean that I can still obtain a positive BSA.


You will receive the Examination Board's decision on your request within 10 working days of the date the decision was taken, but no later than eight weeks after receipt of the request. If you have an objection to the Examination Board's decision, you can submit this to the Klachtenloket, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, Vrijhof, Room 239B (desk Student Services), within six weeks after receipt of this decision.