Abstract: "Network tomography"

The Internet can be considered as the most complex machine that mankind

ever made. No-one, not even the most talented scientist, is able to

understand all its details and predict its future behaviour. In fact the

Internet can be compared to a living organism; the backbone lines are

the arteries and the access lines the capillaries. There may be days

that the Internet feels well and is able to deliver great performance,

on other days however parts of the Internet may be broken or infected by

viruses. If this happens a `doctor' is needed to measure the Internet's

health, diagnose the problem and heal the Internet. Just as in case of

human beings, measurements should preferably be performed from the

outside, since the various organizations that `own' the Internet may not

be prepared to give others access to their monitoring infrastructure.

The term `network tomography' is used to denote such external


In this presentation we will present some tools and techniques for

network tomography, and discuss the problems that may be solved using

network tomography.