Assignment description: "Analysis of the delay in the SURFnet network"

SURFnet is a high-grade computer network specially reserved for higher education and research in the Netherlands. Some of the available services are conferencing (Internet using a video, audio and/or data connection) and streaming technology (offers its users the possibility of watching or listening to a video or audio file while it is being downloaded) . This kind of services has very concrete requirements of QoS that need to be guaranteed. One of them is the delay.

The goal of the project is to study some topics about delay and compare (user perceived) performance over traditional (routed) networks with the new, optical switched networks. They will be studied some passive methods to measure the delay (TCP/IP level) and they will be applied with a data repository, in order to know how is the delay in SURFnet 5 nowadays and help as a comparison method in the future when SURFnet 6 will be available.


Estimation of the min RTT.
Variability in TCP RTT.
Passive methods to measure the delay.
Conclusion and improvements.