Abstract: "Latency Measurement in the Versatel network"

Internet applications with more and more different (real-time) services

are introduced. The reason that real-time services are nowadays

available is due to the fact that higher bandwidth networks offer low

latency. These new (real-time) services are more sensitive to latency

and therefore require lower latency figures. Due to the fact that these

services send real-time traffic it stimulated the network engineers to

focus on the obstacles in developing and providing these services in a

more efficient and scalable way. Since all data-traffic in networks has

latency, network operators want to know how large this latency is.

This project addresses measuring latency in the Versatel Backbone

network and within this network there are a number of specific services

of which the latency was measured during this project. In order to

present a good overview of all the latency measurements between the

POP's in the network is to put the measurement figures in a latency

matrix. The main goal of this project is to develop a latency

measurement architecture for the Versatel Backbone network. A part of

this architecture is a Latency Matrix Application, during this project a

prototype of this application has been produced.

For performing accurate, representative measurement figures the research

of this project focussed on the accuracy, time resolution and

distribution of the measurements. As alternative for the currently used

uniform (periodic) distributed probing also Poisson process distributed

probing for performing the measurements has been studied. Further in

this project, it has been checked if the measurements have influence on

the network performance.