Best paper award at PAM 2017

The paper "Anycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?", authored by Ricardo de O. SchmidtJohn Heidemann and Jan Harm Kuipers, has been awarded the best paper at the Passive and Active Measurements (PAM) conference 2017.

The paper addresses the impact of the size of anycast deployments, and how anycast sites are distributed and connected to the Internet, on the performance of the service. It shows that around 12 anycast sites, well distributed geographically and well connected regionally to neighboring Autonomous Systems, are enough to provide low latency to the majority of the internet (as seen by RIPE Atlas measurement framework).

The master student Jan Harm Kuipers, currently doing his project at SIDN Labs, presented the paper on 31st March 2017 at PAM in Sydney, Australia. This work has also been recently presented by Ricardo de Oliveira Schmidt at RIPE 73, and by John Heidemann at DNS OARC 25.

Congrats to the authors!