Upon Departure Checklist

After completing your studies at UT, it is important that you complete the formalities as mentioned below.

  • Step 1: UT de-enrolment

    Upon departure you must arrange your de-enrolment at the UT (not applicable for exchange students). If your de-enrolment is not arranged in time, you will continue to be charged tuition fees!

    Read more about de-enrolment

  • Step 2: Expiration of Residence Permit

    When you graduate and we cancel your residence permit, the IND grants up to a maximum of three months stay if your residence permit is still valid, or until your permit expires if it is less than three months. This rule is only applicable for students who have completed their study. If this is not the case and you de-enrol for other reasons, you need to leave immediately since the residence permit is for study purposes only.

    After the expiration of your residence permit you are no longer allowed to stay in the Netherlands.

  • Step 3: Working in The Netherlands after graduation

    If - upon completing your studies - you wish to seek employment within the Netherlands you can apply for a new residence permit for a maximum duration of one year.

    International students are allowed to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands ( ‘zoekjaar’ or ‘search year’) to find a job as a highly skilled migrant ('kennismigrant') after graduation. During this period you have free access to the Dutch labour market.

    Read more about the search year

    If you were covered by AON's ICS Complete during your study, you can switch to ICS Complete non-student during your search year. You can apply for this yourself. As soon as you find a job, you will need to switch to a Basic Healthcare Insurance.

  • Step 4: De-register at the municipality (GBA)

    If you are leaving the Netherlands (or if you are moving to another Dutch city) you must deregister at the GBA (Municipal Register of Enschede). To be deregistered from the municipal register, fill in a ‘declaration leaving Enschede’ and either hand it in at the Stadskantoor (Hengelosestraat 51) or send it to aangifteverhuizing@enschede.nl. You may register an international address if you still want to be attainable for certain organizations. When you leave the Netherlands temporarily and deregister from the municipality, you will maintain your BSN. Your BSN will stay the same all your life. Once you return to the Netherlands, you can register again using DigiD.

  • Step 5: Close your bank account

    Inform your bank of your departure and close your bank account. When moving to another city in the Netherlands, make sure you inform the bank of your new address. In case you are leaving the Netherlands temporarily, it is recommended to maintain your bankaccount.

  • Step 6: Cancel your health insurance

    If Student Services (or International Office) applied for your ICS Complete on your behalf, please send an email to studentservices@utwente.nl and mention your departure date from the Netherlands. Be sure to file your insurance claims in time and keep your Dutch bank account open until the end of your stay.

    If you applied for your own insurance, please cancel it yourself. If your insurance also covers travels, it is wise to have the arrival date in your home country as your end date in your insurance.

  • Step 7: Cancel subscriptions

    Cancel your subscription to clubs, societies, and magazines. If you move to another address in the Netherlands, make sure to inform them of your new address.

  • Step 8: Return library books

    Do not forget to return any books you may have borrowed from the UT or public library.