On this page, you can find all the information about de-enrolment and refund of tuition fees.

If you need to de-enrol from the University of Twente, here's what you should know. You have to make a de-enrolment request in Studielink

  1. Timing matters: If you want to de-enrol immediately after graduation, submit your request in the month of graduation. Your de-enrolment will be effective from the first day of that month.
  2. No retroactive de-enrolment: De-enrolment cannot be backdated, so plan accordingly.
  3. Tuition fee refund: If you request de-enrolment in June, July, or August, you will not receive a tuition fee refund for those months.
  4. Payment in instalments: If you de-enrol on 1 December or 1 February and paid in instalments, a small amount of tuition fee might still be due, as instalments cover specific periods. Check our website for more refund details.
  5. De-register from the municipality: If you are leaving the Netherlands, do not forget to de-register at the municipality where you are registered.
Pre-master's students

If you are a pre-master's student you cannot come back to complete this pre-master's after de-enrolment. For more information click here. Also, you have no right to a refund in case you terminate your enrolment prematurely.

After de-enrolment

  1. Student account closure: After de-enrolment, your student account and email will be withdrawn at the end of the de-enrolment month (e.g., if you de-enrol on 1 December, your account will be closed on 30 December). Save any important information from your email account before it expires.
  2. Student finance: Once de-enrolled, you are no longer entitled to student grants from DUO. This applies to the lending right, the right to public transport and possibly a supplementary grant. Remember to sign off for student finance via My DUO. Any outstanding debts from receiving student finance without being registered will need to be repaid.

See more information here about refund of tuition fees on de-enrolment.

Termination student account upon de-enrolment

After you have ended your enrolment at the University of Twente, you are no longer entitled to use UT's ICT facilities, including your Google mailbox and documents. Because of this, the ICT will terminate your account in 1 month. Until then you will be able to save your email and documents elsewhere. After this period your data will be deleted permanently, also to protect your privacy. You will receive a mail notification.

Examples of de-enrolment

Note: De-enrolment requests in June, July, and August will not be accepted. Your enrolment will end legally from 1 September of the next academic year.