UT elections 2024: the polls are open

The election page for the employee section of the University Council and the Faculty Councils is now open. You can digitally cast your vote from today 10 June, 9.00 hrs. up to and including Friday 14 June 2024,12.00 hrs.

How to vote?
Log in, check the candidates and VOTE NOW! You can also vote via a news item on the employee portal.

Who are the candidates?
Curious about the faces behind the campaigns? Visit our election page to learn more about the candidates for the University Council and Faculty Councils elections.

What do the University Council and Faculty Councils do?
They form participation bodies within the UT together with the service councils and the study programme committees. They play a crucial role in critically assessing the policies of both the Executive Board and the Faculty Boards.

Please visit the participation website for more information. Check our participation special that gives you an inside look at the work of council members, the view of the Executive Board on participation and other related items. This video shows why it is important to put yourself forward as a candidate next year.

For questions or comments, please contact the Central Elections Committee.

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