Lifestyle Checks for students

Lately SWIP – Student Well-Being Improvement Programme - ran a pilot for Lifestyle Checks for students. Because of the success of the 1st pilot, we have started the 2nd pilot and we still have a few free spots for next week Monday, May 27 and Monday, June 24.

The Lifestyle Check consists of three parts:

•             Questionnaires (send out and need to be answered before the check)

•             Biometrics (weight, length, BMI, fat percentage, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and waist circumference)

•             Coaching talk with a lifestyle coach (and, if a participant chooses to, another talk after 2-3 months to check the progress)

If you are interested, please enrol here. Also, please note that the number of spots is limited. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact Magdalena Sztych-de Vries Programme Manager SWIP;

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