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Fabian Krüger is a master's student in Mechatronics at Hamburg University of Technology. At the moment, he is doing a one-year Erasmus exchange program at the University of Twente. Both universities are partners of the European network ECIU University. Krüger participated in two challenges of this network.

'The very first contact with Enschede came through the CuriousU summer school. I participated with great pleasure and my current exchange actually resulted from that. Twente was already a bit familiar territory.'

Together with friends, he participated in the student think tank Create Tomorrow under the banner of ECIU University. 'The organisation had set up a parallel programme for students of ECIU University. We got an introduction, extra workshops, there was a pub quiz and other activities. In addition, we worked together in groups on a challenge in a beautifully decorated tent, in the middle of the UT campus. That was a good set-up.'

Different backgrounds

Krüger is currently following the challenge Intercultural Competences: Guiding Practical Insights through Citizen Science. 'It's great to work with people who have a different cultural background as well as a different educational background. And through challenge-based learning, you come into contact with new teaching methods.'

Easy way

According to the master's student, the ECIU University offers an opportunity to gain international experience that does not require much preparation. 'I've been on exchange for a year now. That requires some effort to arrange everything. If you don't have that time, the ECIU University is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with students from other European countries quite easily, to collaborate, to visit another university and to go on exchange. It's all in there.'

Would you like to know more about what ECIU University has to offer you? Then come to the Tosti.Talk, next Tuesday 27 February at 12:30 pm in the DesignLab.

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