O&O square free of parked bicycles

As you have noticed, the O&O square has been cleared of parked bicycles. We have noticed that this is new for students who were on an exchange last semester; therefore, we reiterate this message. Why has this policy been introduced and where can you easily park your bike? You can read about it in this message.

Why has the O&O square been cleared of parked bicycles?

This new policy has been introduced to make the square safer and more accessible. By clearing the square of parked bicycles, the entrances to buildings have become more accessible for emergency services and for people who use mobility aids.

Where can I park my bicycle?

New bicycle parking facilities are available behind the buildings on O&O Square; see the P designations shown on the map below. We have noticed that the bicycle parking areas behind the Hall B building and near the Teehuis (yellow arrows) are still unknown to many. There is plenty of space there to park your bicycle.


Removal of incorrectly parked bicycles 

To ensure that the O&O square will remain free of parked bicycles, we will removing bicycles that have been parked there once or twice a week. Bicycles that have not been parked in a bike rack will also be removed. The owner of the bicycle can then collect it from the bicycle parking facility opposite the security office at the campus entrance.


If you have any questions about this message, please contact Ray Klumpert (head of Maintenance and Real Estate).

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