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Update: infrastructure construction works at student accommodations Boulevard

As communicated earlier through the Service Portal we have commenced infrastructure construction works (replacement and rerouting of cables and pipelines) for the student housing at the Boulevard in week 4. The construction progress is proceeding faster than expected, which is why we are sharing an update regarding the planning of the construction works.

Activities around Boulevard/Sports Centre 

The works in this area has almost been completed.

Activities Boulevard/Bastille/Vrijhof - weeks 11 to 15

Starting this week (week 7), works will commence between the Vrijhof/Bastille and the construction site and student residences. This work will start earlier contrarily to earlier messages.

The map shown below illustrates the outlined activities.

Overview infra construction works at the Boulevard

What will you notice about the works?

We anticipate minimal inconvenience. Some noise may occur during excavation works for the aforementioned activities. Additionally, there may be disruptions due to closures/detours caused by construction traffic moving around.

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