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Sustainable Study Tour to South Korea for Applied Physics Students

Students of Applied Physics Tommie Verouden and Luc Walterbos have come up with a unique solution to make their Study Tour to South Korea in July 2022 more environmentally friendly.

Realizing that 31 students traveling by plane will emit a significant amount of CO2, they decided to compensate for this impact by supporting sustainable projects in developing countries.

They calculated the total emission using www.atmosfair.de/en. By filling in the exact flight data they got the most accurate estimate possible. The calculation showed that they need to compensate for a total of 3035 euros in CO2 emissions. With this money, the students will support various sustainable projects such as efficient cookstoves, solar energy, biogas and biomass, hydropower, environmental education, and eco-friendly tourism. They also plan to support Mossy Earth's efforts in reforestation, rewilding, and protecting biodiversity.

The good news is that the CvB, the Faculty Board of S&T, and the parents of the students are financially supporting this initiative. However, there is still a remaining amount of 1105 euros needed to make this trip fully CO2-compensated.

Do you also want to support this great initiative? You can still donate!

Because the students only focused on the environmental impact of the flight itself, any surplus will be used to compensate for the impact of all other activities during the Study Tour. And maybe it might even become net CO2 positive!

If you are interested to see what they did during the Study Tour, you can find a report over at https://www.polarsteps.com/BE2022/

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