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Hybrid focus group session well-being with free lunch 

Dear student, 

The University of Twente aims to keep you fully informed about all topics concerning your wellbeing, such as activities, the information given from and about our support structures, and UT's healthcare possibilities. However, we are aware there is still room for improvement, in particular in our information provision. 

Therefore, we warmly invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on the matter during a hybrid focus group session, organised by the Student Well-being Implementation Programme. Free lunch is included! During these interactive sessions, we will jointly discuss reality-based cases of students struggling with issues related to their (mental) health or wellbeing. Your input helps us to identify issues that need to be improved, allowing students to be helped easily, efficiently, and adequately. 

We are currently planning two hybrid sessions, one for international students and one for Dutch students.  

29 June 2022 from 12.30 till 13.30
This session is meant for international students 

4 July 2022 from 12.30 till 13.30
This session is meant for Dutch students

We organise 2 different sessions for 2 different target groups, because they follow different help structures concerning well-being and healthcare.   

Not able to join us on campus? Don't worry, it is also possible to join us online! Please sign up through our registration form.  

Looking forward to seeing you!