Graduating students overview

Congratulations on reaching the end of your studies at the University of Twente!

As a graduate, you may be wondering about career opportunities and finding a job. Our Career Services team is here to support you in your job search and help you connect with potential employers. With a degree from the University of Twente, you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of fields. We are committed to providing you with the resources and guidance needed to launch your career and achieve your goals.


About graduating at UT

Preparing for graduation from the University of Twente involves several important phases. Firstly, assess your progress and determine the remaining requirements needed for graduation. Then, create a realistic timeline for completing your courses, internships, or research projects. Submit your graduation application, ensuring all paperwork is completed accurately and on time. Plan and execute your thesis or final project. Lastly, consider your prospects by using Career Services and networking opportunities. And also: celebrate your successful and exciting journey towards graduation.

Career Services

If you have any questions about your career perspectives, please contact Career Services
Career Services

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