De-enrolment and refund of tuition fees

What do you need to know about de-enrolment?

  • You have to make a de-enrolment request in Studielink.
  • If you want to de-enrol immediately after graduation, make your de-enrolment request in the month of graduation.
  • You will be de-enrolled as of the first day of the month following your de-enrolment request.
  • You can never be de-enrolled with retrospective effect.
  • Your de-enrolment request in June, July or August will not be accepted, you don’t have the right to repayment of tuition fee of those months.
  • If you request for de-enrolment per 1 December of 1 February, and you have paid by digital authorization in instalments, you still need to pay a small amount of tuition fee as 1 instalment covers 2.4 months and 2 instalments cover 4.8 months. More information can be found on our website about refund.
  • If you are a premaster student you cannot come back to complete this premaster after de-enrolment. For more information click here.
  • As a premaster student you have no right to a refund in case that you terminate your enrolment prematurely.
  • If you are leaving The Netherlands don't forget to de-register at the municipality you are registered.

After de-enrolment at our University

  • Your account will be terminated in 28 days after de-enrolment, this to protect your privacy. In those 28 days you will be able to save your email and documents elsewhere.
  • If you are receiving a Dutch student grant, you must inform DUO (Information Management Group) that your enrolment was terminated.

See more information about refund of tuition fees on de-enrolment.

Examples concerning de-enrolment

  1. You make a de-enrolment request in Studielink on the 1st of September, you will be de-enrolled at the University of Twente by the 1st of October.
  2. Your graduation is scheduled on October 31 and you want to de-enroll by the 1st of November. You have to make a de-enrolment request in Studielink in October!
  3. You graduate on November 4 and you make a de-enrolment request in Studielink on December 1. We will de-enroll you by the 1st of January.
  4. In July and August you will not be de-enrolled. Your request for de-enrolment in Studielink in June, July and August will not be accepted by CSA. As from the 1st of September of the next academic year, your enrolment will be ended legally.