The following deadlines apply to Bachelor, (pre-)Master and Exchange students in order to obtain a valid visa/residence permit. The three deadlines correspond to the three steps mentioned in 'How to obtain?'. The visa/residence permit procedure only starts after accepting your Offer of Admission.* This does not apply to Exchange students. They will be contacted by the University of Twente.

Please note: every non-EEA student needs to go through the process, including students who already have a residence permit as we need to verify this.

September intake

February intake

Deadline response to visa questions

15 June

15 November

Deadline payment of fees and upload proof of finances

1 July

1 December

Deadline upload documents for visa arrangements

15 July

15 December

*Below you can find the application deadlines for the programmes, you need to have an offer for the programme of your choice before you can start the visa procedures: