Outreach Support Group for International Students

The International Outreach Support Group is a weekly informal meeting for all international students who are new to the Netherlands and are looking for a place to vent, meet other international students, share and learn from each other's experiences.   

Many international students face difficulties in finding their way when studying abroad: Before coming to the Netherlands you were probably full of ideas, curious about everything, and couldn't wait to start this big adventure. After a while you might experience that people aren't always easy to connect with, to talk to (outside of classes) or cultural differences might be difficult to deal with. Friends and family back home are far away, and you don't want to worry them too much by talking about your struggles. It can be helpful to connect to other international students in an informal setting: You are not alone!

  • Duration

    We ask you to commit for at least 5 weeks

  • Date

    every Monday from 16.00 - 17.00 h.

  • Participation

    Maximum 15 students

  • Costs

    Participation is free of charge

  • Language


  • Register

    Please contact Julia Lange (julia.lange@utwente.nl) or Kelsey Groot Roessink (k.grootroessink@utwente.nl) to enrol.  

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