Japanese language and culture


After this workshop, participants have an overview of how modern Japan came into being and an insight into the language and customs. They’ll learn how 'ultra modern Japan' has its roots in a highly structured, traditional society.


The workshop is a combination of interactive discussion and presentation. It will include examples of Japanese arts and extracts from Japanese movies and documentaries.


7 hours including a lunch break.

Course overview

  • Programme is for

    All students with an interest in Japan, its history, language, religion, culture, and how these features combine to create a unique, modern, dynamic society.

  • Date

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  • Time

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  • Location


  • Course fee

    This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

  • Maximum participants

    Minimum 8 and maximum 15 participants

  • Trainers

    Hisami Kimura, hisamikburnside@gmail.com

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Japanese language and culture
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