The University of Twente (UT) is the linking pin between local housing providers and admitted international UT students, employees, and guests. Our housing officers mediate for furnished on- and off-campus accommodation on behalf of three local housing providers: de Veste, Stadsweide, and the ITC International Hotel. We will do its best to find suitable accommodation for you, however, no guarantees can be given due to the limited availability of accommodation.

Procedure & deadlines

Visa students who have completed both their visa application and their application for housing before 1 December (start 1 February) or before 1 July (start 1 September), will be treated with priority. All students applying for accommodation after 1 December/1 July will be served on a first come-first served basis. Our housing officers will do their utmost to provide all applying students with an offer for accommodation. Unfortunately, the chance that we can provide non-Visa students with accommodation is very small, due to the large amount of applications. We highly recommend that you search for alternative accommodation yourself.   

Please read the information on this website carefully before submitting your application for accommodation. For students starting in September: Please take the introduction period 'Kick-In' into account when applying for accommodation. The introduction period takes place in the end of August and we advise you to apply for housing with a starting date of the rental contract of 16 August. 

Note: The UT merely offers a mediation service. If you accept an offer for accommodation, you will sign a rental agreement with one of the local housing providers and will be subject to their rules and regulations.

University College Twente (ATLAS) students

Please note: only ATLAS students of the University College Twente have guaranteed accommodation for the first two years of the programme.

More information about accommodation mediated by the UT
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We encourage all students to look for alternative options as well.