Incoming Exchange Students

interested in an exchange programme at our University? You are Welcome! 

On this website, you will find all relevant information regarding an exchange period at the University of Twente (UT).

Exchange opportunities

UT has exchange agreements with international universities facilitating student exchange programmes. There are various exchange opportunities possible, which can be followed with or without agreement between UT and your home university.

The student exchange coursework is only possible if your home institution is an official partner and has exchange agreements with the University of Twente. Contact your home university's international office, to check whether your home institution has an exchange agreement with the UT. While a placement could be possible even if your home university is not a partner. For a complete overview, please take a look at the UT's brochure below on this page.

Before you start reading about the contents of the exchange programmes, please familiarise yourself with the exchange opportunities at the University of Twente.

  • Exchange opportunities

    The University of Twente offers multiple exchange opportunities:

    • Course exchange
      o  Exchange study packages (ESP)
      An ESP is a balanced, coherent, well-structured and self-contained set of modules (BSc level) or courses (MSc level). Most of the ESPs are composed for one semester (30 ECTS credits), some of the ESPs are composed for one block only (15 ECTS credits). Two different types of ESP are offered:
      -  interdisciplinary packages, open to students from very diverse backgrounds
      -  education-specific packages, defined per educational programme
      o  Individually composed course list
    • Research assignment (e.g. placement)
    • A combination of both
  • ISCED codes used at UT

    ISCED is the reference international classification for organising education programmes and related qualifications by levels and fields. ISCED 2011 (levels of education) has been implemented in all EU data collections since 2014. ISCED-F 2013 (fields of education and training) has been implemented since 2016.

Educational System

Before you start reading about the contents of the exchange programmes, please familiarise yourself with our educational system below.

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