AI and Data in Education

AID-E network: AI and Data in Education

Several researchers at the University of Twente are exploring ways to use data and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve education decision-making. Teachers, for instance, might use data to boost individual and group learning performance; policy advisors and managers may use data to make proactive decisions based on forecasting and analysis; professional development providers may support staff by using data, learning analytics, and artificial intelligence; researchers may develop educational tools using artificial intelligence or study how to enhance their data literacy and artificial intelligence literacy.

Use of data for learning

It is important to connect these people at our university in a network. With the AID-E network we aim to cross the boundaries that exist within the UT between faculties and departments, between different functions, and between different disciplines. We aim to connect different types of knowledge and expertise with regard to data (science) and human decision-making, and to inspire, innovate and accelerate the use of data for learning and development within the UT (and the broader society). The main focus of this network is bringing all staff members with an interest in data and AI in education together to collectively share and develop new knowledge. This will be a starting point for further (inter)national outreach.

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