Realtime drones

The faculty of ITC of the university of twente is investigating the use of drones for the police. This involves the use of a drone to view information in real time. This makes it possible to use this data in the event of a collision, for example. The data makes it possible to see how many vehicles are involved and what the position of the cars involved is. As a result, emergency services can be deployed more quickly and the situation can be assessed more quickly. This used to be done manually. Now it can be done in real time. Based on the data, an algorithm can be developed that ensures that estimates can be made quicker.

The drone is part of a bigger project called Panoptis, a consortium of, among others, Airbus, the National Technical University of Athens, Acciona (Spanish infrastructure company), Egnatia Odos (Greek infrastructure company) and the Faculty of ITC of the University of Twente. The purpose of the project is to improve the resiliency of road infrastructures and ensuring reliable network availability under unfavourable conditions. Associate professor Francesco Nex, professor Norman Kerle and Sofia Tilon are involved in the project. Drone tests are also performed thanks to the support of the GeoScience Lab of the Faculty ITC.