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DesignLab Brew is Back for Season 2!

This season, your hosts Carithea, Nefeli and Laura will explore the intersection between science, technology and society by looking behind the scenes of DesignLab initiatives and interviewing people of various areas of expertise. The team is striving to bring a multi-level approach to the podcast, by bringing both regular citizens and experts into the conversation.

DesignLab Brew, initiated by Jasper-Sebastian Häsler and Nefeli Kousi, started out of a need to reach out to the community and have interesting informal discussions about their experiences during the time that the DesignLab was closed. The DesignLab Brew had finished the first season, which you can find on soundclound here.

Season 2 introduces new hosts: Carithea Richards, master student of Industrial Design, and Laura Maškanceva, pre-master student of Communication Science together with the familiar voice of Nefeli Kousi from season 1, master student of Interaction Technology.  

In the first episode 'Dutch Design Week: They built, You Saw, We connected', Laura and Nefeli explore the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, where they both get hands-on experience with the visitors and participants. The episode showcases two of the University of Twente projects in the Dutch Design Week. Together with Naomi van Stralen & Andries Wijnveen,  they deep dive into their project: the gender-neutral toy “Maatje”. Julieta Matos-Castaño, however, reveals their project “ Future Frictions” in a discussion between Nefeli and Carithea. 

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More information on the projects can be found here:

Future Frictions
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