UTDesignLabNetwork and Exchange meeting on Citizen Science

Network and Exchange meeting on Citizen Science

The third Network and Exchange meeting on Citizen Science took place at the DesignLab last Thursday, offering an opportunity get informed about the latest insights on Open Science and Citizen Science. Participants gained valuable insights and learned about various projects across different levels within the Netherlands, from national initiatives to regional efforts in Twente, and specifically within our University. Citizen Science prompts numerous questions, such as how to effectively support citizen participation, how to manage data storage, and how to engage citizens more actively in projects. To address these inquiries, five pilot projects were launched last year, and during the meeting, we were introduced to some of these initiatives.

Sabine Wildevuur of Citizen Science Hub Twente kicked off the meeting and announced first speaker Frederike Schmitz from Open Science NL. Frederike provided an overview of how the Team Open Science NL collaborates to tackle the questions that come up in Citizen Science, sharing their vision, goals, and aspirations. Florian Schuberth presented the vision and activities of the Open Science community at the UT. We explored the regional impact of Citizen Science initiatives through presentations of Joost Kuijper from the Province of Overijssel and through various ‘Civic and Citizen Science’ projects, where UT researchers work closely with citizens. These pilot projects presented focused on diverse regional issues, such as combating loneliness among the elderly, working with children, and implementing positive health frameworks. Egbert Siebrand from the Province of Overijssel shared insights on the 'Samen onderzoek doen' (Doing Research Together) community, which promotes collaboration between professional and non-professional researchers. This initiative highlights the importance of inclusive research practices and aims to bridge the gap between academia and the broader community. The meeting also facilitated excellent networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with fellow researchers, community members, and professionals interested in Citizen Science. It was a great chance to forge new connections, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations beyond the event.

Do you want to know more about Citizen Science at the University of Twente? Please contact Citizen Science Hub Twente