UTDesignLabA new academic year: New beginnings bring communities together

A new academic year: New beginnings bring communities together And you are invited!

If you spent your time off in Europe this summer, you might have experienced that issues around climate change are no longer an exception. Mother Nature can be both generous and unforgiving. Were you and your fellow vacationers able to receive online updates on the latest developments? Did you have access to the right resources to stay safe and healthy, and travel back home together? 

Luckily, most of us has had a great vacation and made new memories. You and future generations deserve this in the future as well, so let’s collaborate! Let's continue to work on challenges around climate, digitalisation and health and be aware of the opportunities they offer. To succeed, we keep our eyes and ears open to learn from each other’s perspectives, and be open minded to participate in what we call ‘transdisciplinary co-speculation’.

Get to know the DesignLab way of working

  • Watch the video* below and let Dreamteam moderator Henrietta Lukacs take you with her in our Responsible Futuring Approach. 
  • Read the essay that elaborates on the importance of transdisciplinary and futures-oriented competences to address societal challenges, and the role that design research innovation can play to foster them. Written by DesignLab researchers Julieta Matos Castaño, Cristina Zaga, Corelia Baibarac Duignan, director DesignLab Sabine Wildevuur and co-directors DesignLab Klaasjan Visscher and Mascha van der Voort.
  • Get ready for upcoming sessions, research projects and experiences that will take place in and with DesignLab! Organised by our researchers and DreamTeam students. Keep an eye on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

* Credits to the YouTube DreamTeam (Berk Yilmaz, Xian Bodelón and Natsuki Collin) for making this video possible!