UTDesignLabStudents creating solutions for tomorrow

Students creating solutions for tomorrow

Create Tomorrow is a dynamic programme filled with opportunities to learn, network, and engage. Students explore and solve societal, business-related or technical challenges of the future using creative problem-solving and innovation methods. In multidisciplinary teams, they come up with new solutions and create a pitch for the future-minded companies and organisations who came up with the initial challenges. A jury selects the best case solution from participants.

In 2023, DreamTeam moderators Carithea Richards, Henrietta Lukács and Rayhan Bayuaji organised two Responsible Futuring workshops to guide the participants in futures-thinking.

Carithea about workshop one: "In the 'Brainstorming through archetypes from storytelling workshop', we explored the impact of different perspectives on the way a societal challenge is addressed."

Henrietta about workshop two: "Students got the chance to experience one of the application forms of Responsible Futuring through designing a music festival using the 5 Es Experience Design Model. The atmosphere became very energetic and dynamic, after they followed a short introduction on the theoretical foundations of the workshop. They started the conceptualisation process with the help of some collage material, scissors and tape."

Below a nice impression and a sneak preview of the outcomes!