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The final testing of the notification app CoronaMelder took place today, in close collaboration with a wide range of citizens. In the 5 O'Clock news of RTV Oost and the newspaper of Tubantia, Peter Paul Verbeek (professor Philosophy of Technology) and Daniel Tijink (Expert Digitalisation and eHealth) share their observations. A few citizens that took part in the panel made a few remarkable, but positive statements.

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If you have missed the news item, or if you would like to rewatch it, you can visit the RTV Oost website.


Or read Tubantia's new article (Dutch).

Final phase corona app testing 

In June of this year, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport took the initiative to develop a new corona app. After the finalisation of the app's prototype, Twente played an important role in the research into its user-orientation. By order of the Ministry, researchers from the University of Twente, among other institutions, determined whether the app does what it is supposed to do and whether it meets the necessary requirements regarding privacy, legal aspects, ethics and user-orientation. DesignLabthe BMSLab and TOPFIT Citizenlab play a crucial role in this.

Ethical assessment

In the third and last phase of user tests, a wide range of people who reflect society were invited. For example: people who work in Health Care, representatives of the restaurant industry and the elderly. Firstly, Verbeek presented the objectives. Daniël Tijink (expert Digitalisation and eHealth) gave an explanation on the approach called 'Aanpak begeleidingsethiek'. Ivo Jansch, member of the team that built the corona app, clarified how the app actually works and how it proves to be privacy friendly. While discussing the ethical aspects, three subjects were taken into account: Technology, External aspects and Behaviour. These were combined with values (as defined by the group) to gain new insights and ideas. As stated by one of the panel members: "I believe that in this context, societal needs come first, individual needs come second. Hopefully, the solidarity we felt back when the coronacrisis started, will return". In about two weeks the recommendation report will be handed over to the Ministry. 

For more background information, read the article 'Ethical test: final phase corona app testing'.