Create Tomorrow goes digital: COVID-19 Think Tank

Covid-19 is changing our world rapidly. The world’s economy is facing major issues which have and will have major impact on every citizen in the world. For instance: think of all those companies who are dealing already with big issues to keep their businesses going. Especially now, they have to be innovative to survive and succeed. 

Create Tomorrow wants to support companies, healthcare and governmental organizations who need creative solutions to get futureproof. We are convinced that student thinking power can bring new ideas and business propositions for the future. 

Use the thinking power of hundreds of students

Create Tomorrow is an initiative by and through students. It’s about bringing together a large number of students with various backgrounds and studies, innovative organizations and other future thinkers to create new ideas and solutions for the problems and chances of tomorrow. Covid-19 has of course also been rough on students. Next to the obvious health threats, social distancing has a big impact on their daily routine. 

It’s time to bring an online Create Tomorrow Covid-19 think tank! 

Create solutions together and bring positive energy

Create Tomorrow has postponed the big think tank event that was planned for the 23rd en 24th of April. Meanwhile, the organizing team of Create Tomorrow is really motivated to organize an online think tank together with DesignLab. The think tank will not only lead to great ideas, which can be used by citizens, companies and societal organizations. It will also lead to positive energy and will reduce loneliness, for all the students and others who really want to contribute in getting through this crisis together. 

How does it work?

On Friday 29th of May we will organize an online think tank with all the participating students and other bright minds. We make room for 10 challenges. The UIF (University of Twente Innovation Fellows) of DesignLab offers a brainstorming workshop during create tomorrow.

Would you like to join or would you like more information? Check the website of create tomorrow.