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UNESCO ethical commissions release joint statement on corona crisis

Two UNESCO commissions on ethics, the International Bioethics Commission and the World Commission for the Ethics of Science and Technology, have released a joint statement on the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They call for putting aside differences and reflecting collectively on ethically acceptable solutions for the crisis.

Focal points

The statement emphasizes three points of concern:

  • The need to base corona policies on sound scientific knowledge, and also on ethical analyses.
  • Acknowledging the needs of all vulnerable groups of people – not only the sick, but also those in social isolation.
  • The necessity for international solidarity.

More information

Peter-Paul Verbeek, one of three scientific directors of DesignLab, is co-author of the statement and chairperson of the World Commission for the Ethics of Science and Technology. Peter-Paul: “The statement supports the mission of the DesignLab to connect science and society in responsible ways. In the UT context, especially Recommendation 9 is worth mentioning, which focuses on the ethical use of digital technologies to monitor and control the spreading of the virus and the behavior of human beings.” Read the whole statement on UNESCO’s website.