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Open funding call: Responsible Design

DesignLab aims to stimulate research in the area of Responsible Design. With support of TKI CLICKNL, the board of DesignLab invites UT researchers, together with societal or industrial partners, to submit proposals that aim to explore and enhance this field.


To deal with the societal challenges we face and to utilise the (technological) opportunities we have, we need new, collaborative ways of working. Ways will allow us to create effective, sustainable and ethically grounded solutions. Responsible design is focused on acting responsibly in a world where technology is both creating new problems as well as solving existing challenges. It means to act in an open, reflective and holistic manner in order to respect and care about the world and everything living. It aims to unite, rather than divide, through enabling people to make their own decisions, which requires designers to be open, critical & constructive.

With this call we explicitly seek for proposals by public-private partnerships that address societal challenges by means of responsible design.


The total budget for this call is 48000,- Euros.


**Updated** Submission deadline: 1 July 2019. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Mascha van der Voort ( and/or Arend Zomer (

Workshop Co-Creating Responsible Design | 9 May 2019 | DesignLab
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A university-wide workshop aimed at increasing our understanding of what Responsible Design is, what it may become, and how it can give rise to a unique research agenda at the University of Twente. The perfect opportunity to meet and team up with other interested academics for this funding call on Responsible Design.

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