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Climate Change and Energy Transition in Indonesia

A public lecture and Panel discussion by Indonesia’s special Envoy on Climate Change, Prof.Dr. Witoelar.

On Friday the 31st of August, the President’s Special Envoy on Climate Change and the National Advisor for Local Governments for Sustainability for Indonesia, Prof. Rachmat Witoelar, will give a public lecture on the topic of Climate change mitigation and the role of technological advancements in Indonesia.

Prof. Witoelar is visiting the Netherlands to exchange information with key representatives from central and local government, parliament, universities and NGOs in the area of climate change, energy transition and energy governance.

As part of the visit to the University of Twente, Prof. Witoelar would like to share an Indonesian perspective on these topics. After the lecture there will be a panel discussion between several University of Twente academics and Prof. Witoelar, during which the audience is invited to participate.

We kindly invite all to join in the lecture & panel discussion.

Location: DesignLab "IDEATE"

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

About Prof. Witoelar

Rachmat Witoelar is the Indonesian President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change. He held a position as the Indonesian Minister of Environment (2004 – 2009), and the Executive Chair of the Indonesian National Council on Climate Change (2010 – 2014).

His work in the area of environment and climate change issues has led him to head the Indonesian delegation to the Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since COP11 in Montreal in 2005, until COP22 in Marrakech in 2015.

Rachmat Witoelar was Indonesia’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia (1993–1997) and had a long tenure as a member of the Indonesian Parliament (1971–1993).

Prof. Witoelar is frequently invited to speak at several international events such as the Eco City World Summit, Asia Pacific Adaptation Network, International Conference on Sustainable Development at Columbia University in the City of New York, Innovative and Climate Smart Cities organized by the Asia Society Forum, and Walk21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities in Hongkong.

For more information contact the Country Coordinator Indonesia: Lyande Eelderink: or Coordinator International Affairs ET: Jelle Ferwerda