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Keeping Talent in Twente: UIF present research findings

Why do talented graduates leave Twente? A question central to the research project of the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) of University of Twente. Joining forces with Novel-T and the municipality of Enschede, the UIF conducted the six-month research project titled Keeping Talent in Twente. The results are in, and they suggest that ‘lack of diversity’ is one of the main reasons for leaving Twente.

“Stop talking about, and start talking with talent”, is a key takeaway from the recommendations. In that context, the UIF will sit together with companies and the province of Overijssel to determine specific strategies.

Full results of the project are available at the website of the University Innovation Fellows Twente.

The University Innovation Fellows are a remarkable group of students that have all completed Stanford's UIF program. They are an independent think tank, working according to design thinking principles, acting as change agents in higher education. The Twente branch examines the ecosystem of University of Twente. They work from and with DesignLab mostly.