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New ownership, new start for Classroom of the Future

It may have seeemed like it was fully owned by DesignLab already, but it wasn’t: Classroom of the Future. Up until now. The ownership and management of Classroom of the Future will be the responsibility of DesignLab, where previously this task was performed by LISA. For DesignLab, ownership is the reason to speed up new initiatives. UToday interviewed project manager Miriam Iliohan.

Under the banner of 'Collaborative Educational Spaces influenced by Technology', DesignLab will be starting work on the space after the summer. Iliohan: “We want to look more closely at the demands of both students and teachers in order to make the best possible use of the space. To this end, we have talked to a wide range of stakeholders and, together with the University Innovation Fellows, have drawn inspiration from Stanford University's D-School.”

Pilotprojecten Verbeek en Evers

Iliohan mentions the start of two pilot projects as an example of the new approach. “Professors Peter-Paul Verbeek and Vanessa Evers (Scientific Co-directors of DesignLab) are going to experiment with different educational concepts. Verbeek will turn the space into a mirrored classroom, which is based on the idea of simultaneously teaching UT students and students at the University of Aalborg. Evers is looking at ways in which the 'Communication Technology for Global work' module – a collaboration with Stanford University – can be offered as a distance learning option by using an improved space.”

optimal use

She thinks DesignLab can also make a difference on the facilitating side of things. “In the past, movable furniture was not being used optimally. It was either too heavy or too bulky, or it was not put back after use. We want to make this easier, so that we can treat each other with respect. It would be great if this allows us to optimally utilize the educational space, and in doing so, reduce the pressure on students’ schedules and promote collaboration.”


The full (Dutch) interview with Iliohan on the new ownership of Classroom of the Future is available via UToday.