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The DesignLab is a multidisciplinary and creative environment for research, design and education at the University of Twente. It is a laboratory in the literal sense of the word: a workshop where researchers, students and external partners from various disciplines come together to work on innovation projects that connect recent scientific insights with actual societal challenges.

Please remember that all events and lectures that take place in DesignLab first and foremost must have a link with Research or Education from the University of Twente. (If you do not have the connection yet, please state how or with whom you would like to achieve this.)

All requests are looked at if they have a Design component (in any field), that needs a creative surrounding, look at working multidisciplinairy with other teams and are open to using the Sciencee2Design4Society method to make new connections.

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DesignLab of the University of Twente has a clear philosophy and a method it uses to come to meaningful solutions to the problems society is facing. To stimulate multidisciplinary projects we would like to ask a few more questions...

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