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DesignLab Education request

The DesignLab is a multidisciplinary and creative environment for research, design and education at the University of Twente. It is a laboratory in the literal sense of the word: a workshop where researchers, students and external partners from various disciplines come together to work on innovation projects that connect recent scientific insights with actual societal challenges.

With this form it is possible to express your wish to have your education take place in the Designlab. In response to this form we will invite the course coördinator for an intake-meeting to discuss your wishes.

Please keep in mind that this is not a reservation form: filling this in doesn't directly mean your education will be scheduled in DesignLab. After the intake and a closer look at how your education fits in the philosophy of the DesignLab we will take a look how we can best use the facilities and method of DesignLab to add value to your education.

So we are able to contact you, please take a moment to give us some of your contact information.

DesignLab spaces


Please check the widget on the right for links to information about the spaces

You can check availability on MyTimeTable (check the link on the right). In the brackets behind the name of the space, you can see what the maximum capacity of each space is. This is based on a setup with tables and chairs in groups.

In the DesignLab there are two workshops for rapid prototyping: the e-workshop for electronics and the m-workshop for modeling with foam and wood. We have one specialist per workshop who can help students with building their prototype.

It is mandatory to bring your own material but it can be delivered to the DesignLab beforehand.

Please check out our safety regulations (in the link on the right).

enter the following code: 31355