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connecting science and society through design

Societal challenges - from environmental and (ethical) health questions to rapidly evolving technology - bring forward tensions that cannot be resolved with traditional models of innovation. That’s where DesignLab comes into play. We are a collaborative platform for creative changemakers, firmly rooted across the University of Twente ecosystem. DesignLab connects scientific, technological and creative insights, and works on impactful solutions for societal challenges.

So how do we make things happen for and with society? We facilitate and develop research, education, collaborations and events on a daily basis. This we do in multidisciplinary teams, with researchers, teachers, students, governments, businesses, and citizens. We use our own method in the process: Science2Design4Society, based on principles of design thinking.

An intro of who we are and what we do: 

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The DreamTeam

Day-to-day affairs of DesignLab are organised by us, the DreamTeam, which consists of students from the University of Twente. You can find them at the information desk or running around in our easy-to-spot green shirts.

The team is multidisciplinary, combining students from Creative Technology, Industrial Design Engineering, Human Media Interaction, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and more. 

Social media

You can connect with us online too: 

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Our Management Team

DesignLab is led by a Management Team, consisting of a Director, Three Scientific Co-directors and a Manager. An advisory board looks over, advises and supports this DesignLab Management Team: