Lightbulb Chats: future of intimacy

Intimacy occupies an important role in our lives. In the past two decades alone, we have seen how technology has changed this aspect in our lives.

Apps like Tinder have increased our potential dating pool to amounts unimaginable by previous generations. The rise of adult entertainment through the internet has resulted in people discovering and normalizing fetishes and fantasies almost unheard of in the last century. With the rise of AI, we are only a few decades away from a society where robots may be viewed as potential partners.

Which begs the question- How will technology evolve and change our idea of intimacy in the 21st century? What are the long-lasting implications of these new technologies? Join our open discussion ‘The future of intimacy’ with users and experts from the relevant fields, as we explore this topic in depth. Both online and live in DesignLab.

LightBulb Chats

DesignLab’s LightBulb Chats are enlightening conversation starters: open invitations to publicly debate controversial elements shaping our future today. They focus on intriguing topics that play a significant role in our everyday lives, and are likely to influence the world of tomorrow. Think: will artificial intelligence put humans in the backseat? Do you need a degree to be successful? And now we can ‘design’ babies, does that mean we should play God?

The Lightbulb Chats aim to build bridges between students, academia, civil servants, business(wo)men, artists, and other curious civilians. Join the discussion and our mission to engineer the future together!

Lightbulb Chats: future of intimacy