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Enlightenment through light What can high-tech meditation do for you?

During this presentation, artist and innovator Danielle Roberts will talk about her project Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit. An open source toolkit for monitoring, analysing and optimising your meditation practice. The kit combines techniques like wearable technology, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to automatically create the ideal meditation environment.

Students at DesignLab University of Twente have played a big part in the realisation of this project. Their roles will also be highlighted.

Roberts will explain the concepts behind and realisation of this multidisciplinary project. Also making a contribution are researchers from different fields, who have been asked to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the concept.

Pictured above: the Silence Suit, part of the Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit. It will be presented during the 'Enlightenment through light' presentation.

meditation EXPERIMENTS

Before the presentation, Danielle will conduct 2 experiments with her Silence Suit (high-tech meditation suit) in DesignLab. Here you can experience firsthand if and how technology can promote spirituality. Interested in participating? Sign up for the experiments via Eventbrite as soon as possible, as spaces are limited. 

Registration for the presentation 'Enlightenment through light' – starting at 17:00 – can be done via the ‘Register’ button below.


  • 17:00 Welcome by Frank Kresin, Managing Director of DesignLab

  • 17:05 Speaker: Danielle Roberts, artist and innovator, initiator Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit 

  • 17:30 Participants of experiments with the Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit will talk about their experiences

  • 17:40 Speaker: Nicola Liberati, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Philosophy University of Twente 

    Enlighment through light from a phenomenological standpoint. He will also discuss the collaboration between an artist and philosopher

  • 17:50 Speaker: Matthijs Noordzij, ‎Associate Professor in Psychology, Health and Technology

    Psycho-fysiological perspective: to what extent is the quality of meditation related to observable fysiological (data) aspects?
    Personal perspective: Noordzij’s personal meditation experience, discussed in relation to the Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit project

  • 18:00 Speaker: Thomas van Rompay, Associate Professor with expertise in Industrial Design, Cognitive Psychology and Social Psychology

    A perspective on meditation and mindfulness practice from an environmental psychology perspective. He will discuss insights from nature research on specific nature properties which might be of particular relevance to the  practice of meditation.

  • 18:10 Discussion

  • 18:30 Drinks

There is plenty of room for questions and interaction during the presentations and the drinks afterwards.


'Enlightenment through light' is a free event. You are most welcome to join. Do let us know - also for the catering - if you would like to attend this event.

Enlightenment through light
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