UTDesignLabPrecious Plastic Machines Opening

Precious Plastic Machines Opening

On the 13th of March, students will reveal the ‘Precious Plastic Recycling Machines’ in DesignLab. The result of weeks of welding, cutting, painting and assembling and a shared passion: finding a solution for plastic pollution.

This time, no request to roll up your sleeves: you can sit back and watch the machines do the work. It is time to start recycling.

What to expect? Students will tell you the story of how it all started, what DesignLab aims for and what you could do in Designlab to be more sustainable.

Then, the moment where we have all been waiting for: the revelation and demonstration of the Precious Plastic Recyle Machines!

Afterwards, there is plenty of time for chatting and drinks. DesignLab is open until 23:00 for Makers Night.

We invite students, employees of the University of Twente, and all others interested in innovative recycling to celebrate this step towards sustainability with us! 

Lisanne de Weert
DreamTeamer DesignLab