Student Union Afternoon Session 2

Do you always say ‘yes’ to everyone because you do not want to disappoint them? The upcoming Student Union Afternoon Session 'Become assertive' might just be right for you.

Are you freaking out because you always say ‘yes’ to everything and then you have no idea how to find time for it? Professional trainers Ellen and Paula will guide you to prioritize and teach you more about how to have more time for yourself. You will practice the communication skills that are useful in your everyday life. You will thank yourself in the end! Are you curious for this session? Join the Afternoon Session and you will save time at the end!

Join the upcoming Student Afternoon Session:

Become assertive      19 February  16:45 - 18:30   IDEATE | DesignLab

Student Union Afternoon Sessions (SUAS)

Each quartile, 4 sessions will be hosted in the afternoon, focusing on your personal development enabling you to reach your full potential. The Student Union Afternoon Sessions will be held on Mondays from 16:45 until 18:30 and will focus on your personal development. All 4 of the sessions are linked to an overarching theme, enabling you to go to just 1 session or all 4 to quadruple your knowledge.The central theme this time is "Who am I?"

For any questions you can visit the Facebook page Student Union Afternoon Sessions – SUAS or send an email to or

Token System

The Student Union Afternoon Sessions will work with a token system. The tokens are available now with discount at the UnionShop for only € 3 (1 p.p.) or at the door for € 5. This token will give you access to your first session of choice! At the end of the session you will receive a new free token for the next session.


If possible please register your attendance via the online registration form. This way, the Student Union can improve its sessions!

AGENDA afternoon sessions

Setting goals and priorities       05 February  16:45 -18:30   IDEATE | DesignLab
Become assertive                     19 February   16:45 -18:30   IDEATE | DesignLab
Define your core qualities         05 March      16:45 - 18:30  IDEATE | DesignLab
Q&A: 'Who am I'?                     19 March      16:45 - 18:30  IDEATE | DesignLab