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NWO supports Open Access books

Open Access has become established practice for academic articles, but not yet for academic books. Last year, NWO launched a funding instrument especially for NOW-funded researchers who wish to publish their books in Open Access.

More readers, greater reach

The advantages of Open Access for academic books are essentially no different to those for articles. It has been widely known for a while that Open Access books are downloaded more often, are quoted up to 50% more often,  and are more easily found and more visible online. A recent study found that Open Access books not only have a greater reach, but are also used more often in more countries.


NOW launched a special funding instrument earlier this year, to increase the availability of academic books that emerge from NWO funding. To do so, NWO launched a special funding instrument earlier this year. Researchers who wish to publish a book or edited collection in Open Access can apply for this funding, on the condition that their research was also funded by NWO. A maximum of 10,000 euros is available for each project to pay the Book Publishing Charge (BPC). Applications can be made on a continuous basis.

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