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Publications 2009

D.H.A. Blank and G. Rijnders
Oxides offer the write stuff
Nature Nanotechnology 4 (2009) 279-280

M. Huijben, A. Brinkman, G. Koster, G. Rijnders, H. Hilgenkamp, and D.H.A. Blank
Structure-Property Relation of SrTiO3–LaAlO3 Interfaces
Advanced Materials 21 (2009) 1665-1677

V. Boffa, H.L. Castricum, R. Garcia, R. Schmuhl, A.V. Petukhov, D.H.A. Blank, and J.E. ten Elshof
Structure and Growth of Polymeric Niobia-Silica Mixed-Oxide Sols for Microporous Molecular Sieving Membranes: A SAXS Study
Chemistry of Materials 21 (2009) 1822–1828

A. George, D.H.A. Blank, and J.E. ten Elshof
Nanopatterning from the Gas Phase: High Resolution Soft Lithographic Patterning of Organosilane Thin Films
Langmuir 25 (2009) 13298-13301

A. Vailionis, H. Boschker, E. Houwman, G. Koster, Guus Rijnders, D.H.A. Blank
Anisotropic stress relief mechanism in epitaxial La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 films
Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 152508

H. Nishikawa, E. Houwman, H. Boschker, M. Mathews, D.H.A. Blank, and G. Rijnders
Rotation of the magnetic easy axis in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin film on NdGaO3(112)
Applied Physics Letters 94 (2009) 042502

S. S. A. Seo, Z. Marton, W. S. Choi, G. W. J. Hassink, D. H. A. Blank, H. Y. Hwang, T. W. Noh, T. Egami, and H. N. Lee
Multiple conducting carriers generated in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 082107

M. Dekkers, M.D. Nguyen, R. Steenwelle, P.M. te Riele, D.H.A. Blank, G. Rijnders
Ferroelectric properties of epitaxial Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films on silicon by control of crystal orientation
Applied Physics Letters 95 (2009) 012902

H. Boschker, M. Mathews, E. P. Houwman, H. Nishikawa, A. Vailionis, G. Koster, G. Rijnders, D.H.A. Blank
Strong uniaxial in-plane magnetic anisotropy of (001)- and (011)-oriented La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin films on NdGaO3 substrates
Physical Review B 79 (2009) 214425

M. Mathews, R. Jansen, G. Rijnders, J.C. Lodder, and D.H.A. Blank
Magnetic oxide nanowires with strain-controlled uniaxial magnetic anisotropy direction
Physical Review B 80 (2009) 064408

W. Siemons, G. Koster, D.H.A. Blank, R.H. Hammond, Th.H. Geballe, and M.R. Beasley
Tetragonal CuO: End member of the 3d transition metal monoxides
Physical Review B 79 (2009) 195122

V. Boffa, J.E. ten Elshof, R. Garcia, D.H.A. Blank
Microporous niobia-silica membranes: Influence of sol composition and structure on gas transport properties
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 118 (2009) 202-209

G.I. Spijksma, G.A. Seisenbaeva, A. Fischer, H.J.M. Bouwmeester, D.H.A. Blank, V.G. Kessler
The molecular composition of non-modified and acac-modified propoxide and butoxide precursors of zirconium and hafnium dioxides
Journal Sol-Gel Science and Technology 51 (2009) 10-22

S.U. Khan, O.F. Gobel, D.H.A. Blank, and J.E. ten Elshof
Patterning Lead Zirconate Titanate Nanostructures at Sub-200-nm Resolution by Soft Confocal Imprint Lithography and Nanotransfer Molding
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 1 (2009) 2250–2255

G.I. Spijksma, D.H.A. Blank, H.J.M. Bouwmeester and V.G. Kessler
Modification of Different Zirconium Propoxide Precursors by Diethanolamine. Is There a Shelf Stability Issue for Sol-Gel Applications?
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 10 (2009) 4977-4989

S. Rana, L. Winnubst, D.H.A. Blank, H.R. Pasaribub, J-W. Sloetjes, D.J. Schipper
Dry-sliding self-lubricating ceramics: CuO doped 3Y-TZP
Wear 267 (2009) 1696–1701

L. Winnubst, S. Ran, E. A. Speets, D.H.A. Blank
Analysis of reactions during sintering of CuO-doped 3Y-TZP nano-powder composites
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 29 (2009) 2549-2557