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Reminder: Meet Up on Digitalisation & Security

Are you curious about the latest developments in digitalisation and security? Then we have good news for you! On Tuesday 16 April, the next edition of the DSI Meet up will take place, and this time everything will be focused on the Centre for Security and Digitalisation (CVD) in Apeldoorn.

CVD is one of the satellite locations of the University of Twente. Activities in Apeldoorn currently focus on a wide range of topics, including cyber security, quantum cryptography, digitisation of processes, critical data, infrastructure, collaborations with the Kadaster, the Tax Authority, Achmea, numerous SMEs, LLL (LifeLong Learning), EngD (Engineering Doctorate), and the Security Operation Centre.

During this meeting, you will get a look behind the scenes. Our involved UT colleagues will briefly touch upon the highlights currently taking place in Apeldoorn and try to convey their enthusiasm to the audience.

Whether you have a specific interest in one of the topics or just want to explore the opportunities and possibilities provided by the centre in Apeldoorn, this DSI Meet Up is a chance for you to expand your knowledge and connect with colleagues who are actively involved in the fields of security and digitalisation.

Date and time:
Tuesday 16 April 2024
12:00 - 13:00

Carré 3F

More info and registration

Register now via the link below and be there on 16 April!