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E-mail Privacy and Security Awareness Training

Last Monday (25 March), we all received an e-mail about the Privacy and Security awareness training. You might have just enthusiastically started the trainings when you received a notification that the e-mail has been withdrawn due to security reasons.

The reason this happened was an automated security measure. This, of course, was not the intention. Our IT specialists are working to resolve this. It is unfortunate that this was precisely with an e-mail about security awareness, but the UT is also a learning organisation. You will receive the e-mail again in the coming period.

Further training
In the meantime, 20% of our employees have already started the training, some of them had even completed it! Via the following link, you can pick up where you left off or start the training: Privacy and Security Awareness Training.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions, please contact the project group at awareness@utwente.nl 

Project group Privacy and Security

You may not have read last Monday's e-mail or may not have read it properly, so for the sake of completeness we have reproduced it below. 

E-mail Privacy and Security Awareness Training

Dear colleague,

It is time to take a joint step forward in our digital security. We invite you to follow privacy and security awareness training courses. These trainings sharpen skills and contribute to a safer working environment for all of us. That is why the Executive Board has made the training mandatory for all employees. Also, watch the video below in which the Executive Board, together with others, emphasises the importance of this.

Why is this training important to you?
In this digital world, staying informed about possible digital threats is essential. This training, consisting of various components, offers you the opportunity to take your digital security to a higher level and, at the same time, contribute to the information security of the University of Twente. We have put together an introductory training course that covers various topics. After completing the training, your basic knowledge of this subject will be sharpened.

Training details:

  • Duration: approximately 2 hours (divided into several parts)
  • Certificate: Receive a certificate upon completion
  • MyHR (AFAS): automatic update of your participation in MyHR (AFAS) after completion of the training

Three months
You have the next three months to complete all parts of the training. When your training is completed, we will update your qualifications in MyHR (AFAS). This is also visible to your manager. In the meantime, we will send a reminder so that you do not forget to follow the training.

We will ask you to follow a privacy and security awareness training every two years.

Participate in the training.
Click here to start with the first module: Start the training (EN: my profile/my training)

Let us strive together for a safer digital future for the University of Twente!

For questions or feedback, please get in touch with us at awareness@utwente.nl.

Yours faithfully,

Also, on behalf of the Executive Board,

Privacy and Security Project Group