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Important Announcement: Mandatory Privacy and Security awareness training

Soon, we will commence training sessions focused on privacy and security awareness. These trainings are mandatory and crucial to enhance the information security of the University of Twente and safeguard our sensitive information and data. We expect every employee to participate in these sessions.

Why this training?
During the training, we will cover topics such as data protection, phishing attacks, secure social networks, password management, knowledge security, and multi-factor authentication. It is our collective responsibility to enhance our knowledge and awareness and to make and keep UT's IT services and data more secure.

In the video below, the Executive Board, a professor of Internet Security, and the team leader of UT's data centres explain why it is important to attend these training sessions.

What is expected of you?
You will soon receive an invitation via email to attend the training. The training session lasts a total of 2.5 hours. You can complete the training in stages at times that suit you best, but within three months of receiving the invitation. When the training is completed, its achievement is registered in AFAS. These types of training sessions will be repeated every two years.

Check your mail

From 25 March, you will receive an invitation in your e-mail with further instructions on how to start training.